Cherry Pick Open Days

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Cheers! Farmer Rob.

56 Monbulk-Seville Road
Seville, Yarra Valley

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Seville Farm is in the beautiful Yarra Valley, an ideal location for growing sweet juicy cherries. Visit us for Pick Your Own Cherries. When picking, you can eat as much as you want.
Visitors are welcome to picnic beside our scenic dam and enjoy the views of the valley, the neighboring vineyards and the distant mountain ranges.
When you first arrive at our farm we can show you how to pick cherries and where the best cherries are on that day. Farmer Rob can also show you around the farm and explain how the cherries are grown and the organic principles we employ in managing our trees.
Our cherry trees are pruned to enable easy picking for people of all ages. We have over 4,000 trees which ensures we always have more than plenty of juicy ripe fruit to pick.
We have 14 varieties of cherries, most of which are heritage varieties and are rarely found elsewhere. Some have dark, near black fruit, some have bright mahogany sweet highly juicy fruit and others have red firm fruit. Our cherries are known as mid-season cherries and are typically available in November and December, sometimes still available at the beginning of January.

"It's the magnificent views and our happy trees. That's what makes our cherries juicier and sweeter." Farmer Rob.
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